Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome Mat

The purpose of this blog is to provide a public forum for the HulaBats utilities that we have developed over the past several years. RSN we will provide a link to where they can be downloaded. This blog will force our hand so to speak and make us get organized enough to release them for others to use.
- crowbar, 2007.06.08


Uzume said...

When exactly will RSN post the link for the release of HulaBats? I am quite interested in these tools and expediting this would be appreciated.

Cal said...

Got email from uzume ...
I fixed a typo bug in the web site
where the packages were placed for
Now you can download README.1st
which explains how to install
the main package file
I am rebundling the
package so it will be unavailable
for a while, sorry about that.
If it shows 0 Kb size it is still
down. When I upload it again I will change the byte size again
to reflect its actual size.

Cal said...

I suppose it would help if I posted
the link to where you can download
HulaBats wouldn't it? Duh, ...

Try this:

then slick on the link:
"Hulabats Collection"
for the package(s).

click on "Documentation"
to read about HulaBats.

Cal said...

Sorry about this, but you know how it goes with businesses (you can't trust them to always be reliable or to stick around for the long run), so I had to rehost HulaBats on a different ISP.

HulaBats can now be found for download at: